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Iron Man PB 1 - Unbesiegbar
Iron Man PB 1 - Unbesiegbar
Iron Man PB 1 - Unbesiegbar
Ebook129 pages30 minutes

Iron Man PB 1 - Unbesiegbar

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Die neue Soloserie des Playboys, Avengers und Visionärs Tony Stark. Ausgestattet mit der intelligentesten Iron Man-Rüstung aller Zeiten, stellt sich Tony seiner fiesen Ex Madame Masque, finsteren Mächten, Ninjas und dem geläuterten Dr. Doom. Obendrein verliebt er sich neu und kreuzt die Pfade von Supermagier Dr. Strange und Spider-Mans Ex Mary Jane…
Release dateJul 11, 2017
Iron Man PB 1 - Unbesiegbar
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Brian Michael Bendis

BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS is an award winning comics creator, New York Times bestseller, and is the current writer of All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, which debuted at number one on national sales charts. He is one of the premier architects of Marvel's Ultimate comics line and has won five Eisner awards, including two 'Best Writer of the year' and was honored with the prestigious Inkpot award for comic art excellence. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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