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Scrisori pentru studenții mei
Scrisori pentru studenții mei
Scrisori pentru studenții mei
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Scrisori pentru studenții mei

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About this ebook

Un dialog între un cadru didactic și studenții săi din trecut, prezent și viitor; gânduri epistolare dincolo de cadrul formal al mediului academic sau ce gândește un dascăl despre studenții săi. 

PublisherSilvia Puiu
Release dateJul 29, 2019
Scrisori pentru studenții mei
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Silvia Puiu

Silvia PUIU is a PhD Lecturer at the Department of Management, Marketing and Business Administration within the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Craiova, Romania. She has a master’s degree in International Business Administration and a PhD in Management at University of Craiova. She published her PhD thesis on Strategic Management of Retail Sector in Romania in 2012. In 2014, she conducted a research on Ethics Management in Higher Education System of Romania together with PhD Associate Professor Radu Ogarca and in 2015, she graduated her postdoctoral studies on Ethics Management in the Public Sector of Romania. Silvia teaches Management, Business Ethics, Public Marketing and Creative Writing. During the last years, she published more than 40 articles in national and international journals or in the proceedings of international conferences, published two books and a chapter on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Romanian Public Sector in the book Corporate Social Responsibility in Times of Crisis (Springer, 2017). Her research covers topics from strategic management, ethics management, public marketing, corporate social responsibility and management. She is also a reviewer for two journals (Management & Marketing, The Young Economists Journal) and a member of Eurasia Business and Economics Society.

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