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Biocontrol Agents of Phytonematodes
Biocontrol Agents of Phytonematodes
Biocontrol Agents of Phytonematodes
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Biocontrol Agents of Phytonematodes

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About this ebook

Plant-parasitic nematodes are recognized as one of the limiting factors in crop production all over the world. They impair the quality of crops and cause significant yield losses, seriously threatening global food security. Management of these creatures is a vital aspect of the agricultural process and has often depended upon the use of hazardous chemical nematicides, but the disadvantages of these substances have created interest in searching for alternate safe methods of phytonematode management.

This book highlights the use of biocontrol agents as a novel, eco-friendly approach in the management of plant-parasitic nematodes. Besides covering the ecology, diversity and geographical distribution, survival biology and virulence mechanisms of potential biocontrol agents, their limitations have also been described. Reviewing biocontrol agents such as nematophafous fungi, parasitic bacteria, predaceous mites, rhizobacteria, mycorrhiza and predaceous nematodes, the book discusses future research needs in detail. Written in a clear and informative style by eminent nematologists from around the world, this book provides a source of valuable information for researchers, teachers, students of plant nematologym enabling them to plan better strategies for managing plant-parasitic nematodes.
Release dateJun 30, 2015
Biocontrol Agents of Phytonematodes

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