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About this ebook

"They think they have the money, but the money really has them."

Discover the chilling world of deceit and high-tech murder in 'Foreverest' by Jackson Allen, as recent lottery winner Brittany's pursuit of wealth guidance takes a perilous turn, leaving readers on the edge of their seats.Brittany thinks she's got it all figured out, unaware that her wealth counselor, Lincoln, is part of a nefarious scheme targeting lottery winners. The story leaves readers with a chilling sense of manipulation and uncertainty regarding Brittany's future in her newfound wealth, delivering a gripping narrative of deception and a high-tech murder plot that keeps readers enthralled.

PublisherJackson Allen
Release dateFeb 11, 2019
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Jackson Allen

Jackson Allen is a science fiction writer who lives in the Pacific Northwest. He is currently working on his first sci-fi series. Learn more at

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