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Racconti della Notte Eterna
Racconti della Notte Eterna
Racconti della Notte Eterna
Ebook130 pages2 hours

Racconti della Notte Eterna

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Storie emergono dalle tenebre, frammenti di vite perdute in lande nebbiose tra lunghi sentieri che sconfinano nella leggenda. C'è la spietata assassina dall'oscuro passato; un cavaliere, ultimo del suo antico ordine; il mago ed il drago; eroi luminosi o campioni del male, protagonisti della Notte Eterna.
Ciascun racconto è corredato di scheda del giocatore compilata in ogni dettaglio e pronta per essere giocata.
Release dateJan 11, 2019
Racconti della Notte Eterna
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Jason R. Forbus

Jason Ray Forbus was born in Rome on December 17, 1984. A US-Italian dual citizen, Jason's complex and varied background developed, since his early childhood, into a love for traveling and a strong interest for other cultures, which led him to live, work and study in Italy, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. He holds a diploma in Arts and Communication (Arts High School "A. G. Bragaglia" in Cassino, Italy), a bachelor of arts in Languages and Literatures for Multimedia Communication (University of Cassino, Italy) and a master of science in Globalization (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom). His professional experiences range from translator to media specialist. Literature and writing have both played an important role in Jason's life since his early youth. Already in 2002, at the age of 16, the author successfully debuted in the national youth literary contest "Campiello", in which his short story "Trovare il Cercare" (Finding the Search) classified amongst the first 25 in Italy and first in the Lazio Region. Since then, Jason has authored several publications in Italian, English, and translated into several other languages. His books in English include: The Revolt of the Skeletons in the Closet (youth novel), The Memory of Odin (novel) and Contract Killing in the Information Age (Criminology Essay) available wherever books are sold.

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