Los Caminos de Piegrande
Los Caminos de Piegrande
Los Caminos de Piegrande
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Los Caminos de Piegrande

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Todo lo que has leído acerca de piegrande es una mentira.

¡Todo lo que has OÍDO acerca de piegrande es la verdad!

Disfruta de tres historias de los archivos del escuadrón Creep - ese paquete de leyendas y rumores indescriptibles de quienes combaten el crimen y la injusticia donde sea que no estés viendo.

¿Y si todas las historias fueran reales?

¿Y si piegrande realmente existió? ¿Y si él dependía de que las personas creyeran en él para poder existir?

¿Y si él necesitaba un empleo y el único para el cual estaba calificado era mantener las otras leyendas en su lugar?

¿Y si se unió al escuadrón Creep?

PublisherSteve Vernon
Release dateJan 1, 2019
Los Caminos de Piegrande
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Steve Vernon

Everybody always wants a peek at the man behind the curtain. They all want to see just exactly what makes an author tick.Which ticks me off just a little bit - but what good is a lifetime if you can't ride out the peeve and ill-feeling and grin through it all. Hi! I am Steve Vernon and I'd love to scare you. Along the way I'll try to entertain you and I guarantee a giggle as well.If you want to picture me just think of that old dude at the campfire spinning out ghost stories and weird adventures and the grand epic saga of how Thud the Second stepped out of his cave with nothing more than a rock in his fist and slew the mighty saber-toothed tiger.If I listed all of the books I've written I'd most likely bore you - and I am allergic to boring so I will not bore you any further. Go and read some of my books. I promise I sound a whole lot better in print than in real life. Heck, I'll even brush my teeth and comb my hair if you think that will help any.For more up-to-date info please follow my blog at:http://stevevernonstoryteller.wordpress.com/And follow me at Twitter:@StephenVernonyours in storytelling,Steve Vernon

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