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Gedichte aus einer sterbenden Welt
Gedichte aus einer sterbenden Welt
Gedichte aus einer sterbenden Welt
Ebook122 pages32 minutes

Gedichte aus einer sterbenden Welt

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About this ebook

Dieses Werk umfasst Gedichte aus der frühen Schaffenszeit des Autors von 1987 bis zum Jahr 2017. Manche dieser Gedichte haben durch das aktuelle Zeitgeschehen eine ungeahnte Aktualität bekommen, weshalb es dem Autor richtig erschien, diese Werke jetzt auch einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen. Ob es um existentiell wichtige Fragen des Menschseins oder um eine absterbende Umwelt geht. Stets wurde versucht, mit den wenigen begrenzten Mitteln unserer Sprache die so wichtigen Nuancen und Zwischentöne des Seins einzufangen.
Release dateDec 20, 2018
Gedichte aus einer sterbenden Welt

Sven Erik Gehrmann

Sven Erik Gehrmann, born in 1969 in Berlin and currently living in Norden near Norddeich on the coast of Lower Saxony, has been interested in everything that lives under water since he was a child. He has always been particularly interested in and fascinated by crustaceans and fish. Since 1983, he has been an enthusiastic hobby aquarist and nature fan of our native aquatic animals, especially North Sea animals. In his cellar he keeps a collection of various preserved species, so that whenever he gives a tour of the cellar, he is wont to say: "So, others have a carcass in the cellar? I have a few more..." (Estimated 500 preserved species. Or are there in-between 600?). So far, he has published various articles in aquaristics journals, ranging from North Sea animals to articles on anemone fish and various crustaceans. You can find him on the internet at: In his publications, he never minces his words and calls a spade a spade, since obviously no one else does. In doing so, he has no regard for the false kind of "political correctness" that has been successfully installed everywhere here in order to preserve the appearance of decency. Nor does he profess to belong to any political party or direction, but only feels committed to the cause of the North Sea animals. Due to the dramatic climate changes in the North Sea within the last decade, he now sees himself as an independent nature activist, nature cryptographer and climate protector.

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