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Разорванные цепи
Разорванные цепи
Разорванные цепи
Ebook579 pages4 hours

Разорванные цепи

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Расплачиваясь загрехи своих предков, Сильвана оставляет мусульманскую веру ради того, чтобы получить шанс на новую жизнь. Так она садится в самолет и летит в Кению смужчиной своей мечты, твердо решив никогда не оглядываться в прошлое. 

Но, когда она узнает темные секреты своего избранника и видит другую сторону еголичности, мысли о смерти как о единственном выходе из страданий застывают наостром лезвии ножа.

Решится ли она пустить нож в дело? 
Роман «Разорванные Цепи» стал финалистом "Readers' Favorite" и"Bookvana Awards" в 2017 году и "International Book Awards"2018 году в жанре «Женский роман - Вдохновенный».

Release dateFeb 28, 2017
Разорванные цепи

Emiliya Ahmadova

Emiliya Ahmadova was born in the city of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. When she was just nine years old, she developed a passion for reading, literature, poetry, and foreign languages. In high school, she participated in and won many poetry competitions. Starting at the age of ten, she began writing poems and short stories in Russian.   Emiliya has diplomas in business management as well as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in human resources management. She also has international diplomas in the advanced study of the theory and practice of management, administration, business management, communication, hotel operations management, office management and administration, and professional English from the Cambridge International College, in addition to a certificate in novel writing. Emiliya speaks four languages (Azeri, Russian, English, and some Turkish), but her native language is Azeri. Because of her love for humanity and children, she has started volunteering in a local school and in 2011 became a Cub Scout leader and won a trophy as the first female parent leader. Emiliya likes being around people, adores travel, enjoys playing soccer, and relishes in helping other people.

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