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Méditation, Une Façon De Vivre…
Méditation, Une Façon De Vivre…
Méditation, Une Façon De Vivre…
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Méditation, Une Façon De Vivre…

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About this ebook

Ce livre touche divers aspects de la mditation. On y dfinit ce quest et ce que nest pas la mditation, ainsi que son origine, la source des malheurs, de la confusion et du dsespoir qui peuvent affecter toute personne. On y discute la nature de l'tre humain, ce qui le forme et les lois universelles dominant lunivers. Vous dcouvrirez les bienfaits quapporte la pratique de la mditation aux niveaux physique, mental et spirituel. Vous apprendrez les tapes proprement dites de la mditation, notamment la respiration, les postures, la concentration, etc., de mme que les expriences que la mditation vous fera vivre et comment viter et remdier aux principales erreurs du dbutant. Lenseignement de ce livre repose sur le MahaMudra (le Grand Symbole), une des plus anciennes et des plus pures formes de mditation connues ce jour.
Release dateMar 16, 2012
Méditation, Une Façon De Vivre…

Julien Bouchard

During his more than forty year international career Julien Bouchard has worked and visited numerous of countries in Asia, Middle-East, South America, Central America, Europe, etc. All those voyages were not solely done for professional purposes since they were also the object of philosophical and spiritual researches especially in India and in the northern region of Nepal. He studied several civilisations and religions; he managed numerous large scope electrical development projects counting several hundreds of persons. He took advantage of these privileged periods to study the behaviours of others as well as his, facing everyday life and a variety of problematic and conflicting situations. He practices meditation since more than 45 years and at the beginning he visited ashrams in India and monasteries in Nepal where he was initiated to the some Buddhist philosophies and practices. His goal was to find a simple method of meditation. A method with the least human and time tempering, a method in its purest form. In order to succeed he had to conduct a research that took him on a time journey and finally, during a trekking trip in the northern regions of Nepal, he met a Master from the Kargyûpta school (Adept of the apostolic succession). The teaching of this Master was based on the MahaMudra (the Great Symbol). One of the most ancient and purest forms of meditation known today. It was first set forth by a wise Indian named Saraha same times in the first century before J.-C., and at that time the Great Symbol was already known to be very old according Master Tilopa’s texts dated around the 11th century after J.-C. Julien wrote this book in order to set forth his personal experience.

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