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Una Visión Omatidia de Jesucristo
Una Visión Omatidia de Jesucristo
Una Visión Omatidia de Jesucristo
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Una Visión Omatidia de Jesucristo

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About this ebook

Thirty-three meditations by a Catholic Priest/Psychologist on the Person of Jesus the Christ. This book contains a series of meditations that were composed during the Paschal Season and posted each day on Facebook. The Author is the Pastor of a multi-cultured parish in Southern California after having worked for over thirty-five years as a missionary priest in Puerto Rico. Each meditation looks at Jesus from a distinct perspective, based on one of his titles such as High Priest or Good Shepherd. Not a Biography of the Life of Jesus the Christ, but rather a theological and Spiritual reflection of Jesus who is a model for all Christians.

Release dateAug 2, 2018
Una Visión Omatidia de Jesucristo
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Cornelius McQuillan

The author is a licensed priest/psychologist who worked as a missionary for 35 years in Puerto Rico. Fr McQuillan was director of his Religious Community's Formation Community and wrote his master's thesis on the prevention of Clerical Sexual Abuse of Children. His doctoral studies included studies on the prevention of the Cycle of pedophilia. He has also posted free courses on the Prevention of CSA in Spanish at and in English at

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