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Kapten Kuro Dari Planet Marikh
Kapten Kuro Dari Planet Marikh
Kapten Kuro Dari Planet Marikh
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Kapten Kuro Dari Planet Marikh

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Currently unavailable

About this ebook

Tajuk: Kapten Kuro Dari Planet Marikh
Pengarang: Nick Broadhurst
Ilustrasi: MD Hasib Uzerman

Kapten Kuro terjaga di dalam kapal angkasanya. Ada kebocoran udara.
Rakannya Jaron tidak ada bersamanya.
Kuro berlari ke pod kecemasan, dan menetapkan halatuju ke Bumi.

Satu jam kemudian, Kuro melepasi bulan. Dia adalah seekor kucing planet Marikh, dan beliau merasa sedih, dan seakan-akan menangis.

Salah satu makhluk itu menjerit terpekik-pekik dan melompat ke udara, menakutkan Kapten Kuro.
Makhluk itu yang sebenarnya adalah seekor burung kakak tua, ketawa sambil berkata, "Saya Fobon, ini pokok saya."
"Apakah pokok tempat tinggal awak?" tanya Kuro

Fobon mengangguk. "Kamu bukan dari sini, kan?"
"Tidak." Kuro menunjuk ke langit.
Fobon melihat keatas. "Jauh tu. Awak sekarang berada di Australia. Macamana awak boleh bercakap dalam bahasa burung kakak tua?"

LanguageBahasa indonesia
Release dateJul 26, 2018
Kapten Kuro Dari Planet Marikh

Nick Broadhurst

The Sequetus Series started being written in 1987, the year the story kicks off. I started the first books using pen and paper and compiled many journals. Soon, however, I bought a new Amstrad computer, and was away. By book ten I was living in Tokyo and I was still at it, writing my story. By the twenty-third book, the Sequetus Series was complete, and it is 2014.This series of books is an epic piece of literature. I had never written a book before. I am an architect, and a construction project manager. But I really was interested in where this world was going, and I was going to also write about it - even if it was in fiction. I then did English and writing courses.And after the Sequetus Series, the Captain Kuro From Mars Series begins. It runs for twelve books. It incidentally follows on from the Sequetus Series. Telling the story does not stop.I lived and worked in over a dozen countries around the world, with Australia, Japan, the USA and now Nepal, being the four longest. I lived a life of adventure, and included is a lot of time in Asia, volunteering on disaster sites, and some during civil war. I have lived in a different world to what many of my readers see. The world I was born into did not have mobile phones, computers, or even satellites. I still remember when I looked up and saw the spaceship, as a star in the sky, as it moved from the left to the far right of the night sky. The early 1960s were wild adventure years. I sigh now as we are monitored and tracked.I recall almost fifty years ago, walking through the Australian bush, for two days, and the track I was walking across was littered with a dozen poisonous black-snakes, basking in the early morning winter sun. One bite would be fatal. I was seventeen. I was with another, but two days away from any road. We just carefully talked calmly to the snakes as we stepped over and through them. I still recall the images of them as they looked up to me. I also recall vividly trecking through the remote highlands of New Guinea, flying off cliffs in planes, and a lot more.There have been many different responses to people having read my books. They vary, but many readers claim they benefited. So if you want to read them, good for you. There is a lot in them. It is hoped you enjoy them as much as I did writing them.

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