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White Darkness the Financial Apocalypse
White Darkness the Financial Apocalypse
White Darkness the Financial Apocalypse
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White Darkness the Financial Apocalypse

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Democracy, in its true sense, is in trouble. Ironically, it is being threatened by the very voices that push it most. Supposedly Fascism was stopped with the defeat of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Franco''s Spain, Salazar''s Portugal, Papadopoulos Greece, Pinochet''s Chile and Suharto''s Indonesia. How has America lined itself up with these regimes? The commonality that links them is a protofascist model that link them are recognizable patterns of national behavior.

I am chilled when I see the patterns that clearly indicate a merger of corporate and governmental policies. True it is a thin line between these two just as there is between love and hate. These are scary times and it is not just the external terrorists that strike forbodance in my heart. We have internal terrorist within our on borders in our government. They are just not as obvious to the American people.

The commonality that links contemporary American culture to Fascism is the recognizable patterns of national behavior. The patterns are (A) Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism (B) Disdain for the importance of human rights such as equality issues ongoing with minorities and inadequate health care and a failing social security system (C) Identification of enemies / Scapegoats, such as terrorists and weapons of mass destruction, as a unifying cause (D) The supremacy of the military and the profits from developing war machines (E) Rampant sexism such as the homophobic client emerging in America against gays (F) Controlled mass media by the wealthy elite (G) Obsession with national security (H) Religion and ruling elite tied together (I) Powerful corporations protected (J) Power of labor suppressed through unemployment (K) Disdain and suppression of intellectuals (Liberals) and the arts (L) Obsession with crime and punishment (M) Rampant cronyism and corruption (N) Lastly, fraudulent elections.

Release dateJul 15, 2005
White Darkness the Financial Apocalypse

Jefferey Trent McGill

The author was born in a small Georgia town. He majored in Political Science at Georgia State University. His heroes are Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Bono and my mother Carolyn McGill Holmes. I am an ambidextrous tennis player. Courage and wisdom are my most cherished attributes. I have always spoken out against injustice in our society. I set out to shed light on the problems that seems to be unending in the world. Mostly I find that people are afraid to see what truly is. They put selfish worldly desires before truths and once they learn this weakness they easily manipulated by the powers that be. It is my desire to be a bell of intelligence that will awaken the people to evils in their own back yards. This is my second book. My first book was "Entanglements, Conflicts and Distortions of Love." It is a very intimate account of my struggles to find myself in a maze of confusion. Politics calls to me. So, here is "White Darkness the Financial Apocalypse."  It looks truly into our darkside.

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