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Finance for Non-Financiers 3: Advanced Finances
Finance for Non-Financiers 3: Advanced Finances
Finance for Non-Financiers 3: Advanced Finances
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Finance for Non-Financiers 3: Advanced Finances

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About this ebook

In Finance for Non-Financiers: Advanced Finances, Jos Saul Velsquez Restrepo provides information about high-level finance management. From discussing basic, special, and professional finances, Restrepo focuses on advanced finances in this book. He begins with an introduction of managemental costs, where he educates readers how to find the best approach and the most suitable procedure in calculating the exact cost of a service. From here, the author probes into strategic finances, cash flow, inflation, absorptions and mergers, splits, and more macro-finance subjects. With all the information presented, this book becomes ideal for those who wish to improve their grasp on theories of advanced finances. The contents of this book are based on situations that may arise in the business world and finances; this approach makes it easier for readers to apply theories in real life.
Release dateAug 16, 2011
Finance for Non-Financiers 3: Advanced Finances

José Saul Velásquez Restrepo

José Saul Velásquez Restrepo is a graduate of Business Administrations in EAFIT; specialist in  finance in EAFIT and worked as an executive in companies of the most varied sectors and in all administrative fronts. He was complemented by over thirty years as a professor at the Universities of Rosario, Central and La Salle in Bogotá; University of Antioquia, University of Medellin and EAFIT in Medellin, as well as many extension courses in the country’s major cities, consultants and consultancies. This book is written in a simple and practical manner, easily understood by people with no financial training. This book is perfect for both the financier and non-financier individuals.

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