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La Machine à assassiner
La Machine à assassiner
La Machine à assassiner
Ebook252 pages3 hours

La Machine à assassiner

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Le roman paraît, sous le titre La Poupée sanglante, 2e partie : Gabriel, en 41 feuilletons quotidiens du journal Le Matin entre le 10 août et le 19 septembre 1923. L'œuvre est reprise en volume l'année suivante chez Tallandier. Bien que La Machine à assassiner ait été publiée initialement dans un volume indépendant, la plupart des éditions modernes l'incluent à la suite de La Poupée sanglante en ne conservant que ce dernier titre sur la couverture.
PublisherAB Books
Release dateMay 8, 2018
La Machine à assassiner

Gaston Leroux

Gaston Leroux was born in Paris in 1868. He grew up on the Normandy coast, where he developed a passion for fishing and sailing. Upon reaching adulthood, he qualified as a lawyer, but, upon his father's death, his received a large inheritance, and left the law to become a writer. He first found fame as an investigative reporter on L'Echo de Paris, and travelled the world in a variety of disguises, reporting on a wide range of topics from volcanic eruptions to palace revolutions. In 1907, he changed career once again, and started work as a novelist, finding critical and commercial success with works such as The Mystery of the Yellow Room (1907) and The Phantom of the Opera (1911). Leroux continued to be a prolific writer until his death in 1927 - the result of complications following an operation.

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