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Le Due Margherita
Le Due Margherita
Le Due Margherita
Ebook197 pages2 hours

Le Due Margherita

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About this ebook

Questa storia attraversa due differenti periodi della storia toscana, con il personaggio di Margherita che appare a volte come figura santa del XII secolo e a volte come una ragazza dei giorni nostri.
Ci sono connessioni tra le due? La Margherita dei giorni nostri è influenzata psicologicamente o spiritualmente dalla Santa Margherita? È un caso di reincarnazione?
Il lettore vivrà due periodi storici, distanti ottocento anni l'uno dall'altro, intrecciati tra di loro, rivelazioni e vite parallele avvolte nel mistero, realtà allucinatorie che accadono nella regione più bella del mondo dove la storia, da sempre, si mescola con romanticismo, religione e mistero.

Release dateMar 2, 2018
Le Due Margherita

Uri Jerzy Nachimson

Uri Jerzy Nachimson was born in Szczecin, Poland, in 1947. Two years later, his parents emigrated to Israel. In 1966, he served in the Israeli army in the Northern Command for three years. He participated in the Six-Day War as a photographer in combat.As a freelance photographer, he wandered around Prague as crowds demonstrated in front of Soviet tanks. His travels to Egypt are the inspiration for his book, Seeds of Love.In 1990, he returned for the first time to Poland to seek his roots. He was deeply affected by the attitude of the Poles towards the Jews during and after World War II, and he started to research the history of the Jews of Poland. Thus, the trilogy was born: Lilly's Album, The Polish Patriot, and Identity.Uri's grandmother, Ida Friedberg, was the granddaughter of the Jewish writer A.S. Friedberg, editor of the Polish Jewish newspaper Hazefira, and the author of many books.In 2005, Uri moved to Tuscany, Italy, where he lives with his wife. While in Cortona, he wrote Two Margherita, Broken Hearts in Boulevard Unirii, Recalled to Life, Violette and Ginger, The Girl from Haukaloolloo, Isabella, In the Depth of Silence, and others.

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