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About this ebook

Croc-Blanc (1906) est un roman de l'écrivain américain Jack London. Le titre original est White Fang.

L'histoire commence avant la naissance de Croc-Blanc, un chien loup. Le roman suit la meute d'où il vient et ses premières semaines de vie sauvage, sa lutte pour la vie; manger ou être mangé.
Release dateFeb 9, 2018

Jack London

Jack London (1876-1926) was one of the the first American novelists to earn worldwide celebrity and a large fortune from writing. In addition to his wildly popular adventure tales, he wrote some of the earliest works of science fiction, newspaper articles, essays, plays, and poetry. A political radical, he championed unionization, worker's rights, and socialism, and fiercely advocated against cruelty to circus animals.

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