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Мышонок путешественник
Мышонок путешественник
Мышонок путешественник
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Мышонок путешественник

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В ящике из-под морковки жил мышонок с мамой-мышкой. Однажды мама ушла на чердак. Мышонку было скучно одному и он надел сапожки и пошёл искать маму. Он долго путешествовал и побывал в лесной школе, дупле совы, встретил бабочку и тараканов. Хитрый кот хотел его поймать, но мышонок Сеня спрятался от него в норке. А мама? Мама нашлась.

Release dateFeb 15, 2018
Мышонок путешественник
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Ludmila Vasilevna Blohina

Hello, friends!I am from Russia.I'm happy to see you here!Since childhood I liked to draw and write stories. At junior school I dreamed to become a journalist, and at senior school I used to be keen on biology. In 1995 I graduated from the faculty of natural science and geography of Chita State Pedagogical Institute n.a. N.G. Chernyshevskiy (Trans-Baikal Territory), where I obtained the speciality of a teacher of biology and chemistry. I did postgraduate studies, worked as a teacher at school and taught at technical college. Since 2008 I have been writing fairy tails, poems and stories for children and have been illustrating them. My publications: “It is too easy to be of a low height” (2012) and “Luchisolka” (2013). The book “It is too easy to be of a low height” obtained the third place at Berlin International Literary Competition “The best book of 2012”. Welcome to my site: Check out my books, paintings, and photographs.

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