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Heroes of Karth: The Curse of the Undead: The Heroes of Karth, #1
Heroes of Karth: The Curse of the Undead: The Heroes of Karth, #1
Heroes of Karth: The Curse of the Undead: The Heroes of Karth, #1
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Heroes of Karth: The Curse of the Undead: The Heroes of Karth, #1

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From deep in the bowels of the Mines of Taas to the human kingdom of Hathaway, the Curse of the Undead is spreading across Green Valley like the vilest of plagues, wiping out all life in its path. Employing his army of shades to drain their life energy, Xeon the Undead Shadow Dragon has destroyed thousands of worlds throughout the millennia, and the world of Karth is next in his path of destruction. A chance meeting between Llythwain, autistic son of an elf Ranger and Killian, an undead shade has altered the familiar pattern of events, sowing the seeds of a monumental clash between the living and the dead, between good and evil, between the Allegiance and the Shard and Xeon's ferocious undead army.

"The Undead Curse threatens Green Valley! The human necromancers are to blame!" With the utterance of those words by the Elven Lords, the Allegiance pact between humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and barbarians weakens, just as that of the Shard races grows in strength. By uniting the ogres, goblins, spiders, orcs, kobolds and hill giants under one banner, Xeon has awakened ancient hatred between the two mighty factions and the Shard is ready for war. A group of heroes, a human, gnome, and two dwarves led by an elf mage must gather the strength and courage to unlock the secret of the Undead Curse, but their time is running out.

A fascinating tale of suspense and mystery filled with fantastic beings and stunning landscapes, Heroes of Karth: The Curse of the Undead is the first book in a multi-layered series that weaves themes of family, LGBTQ, autism, tolerance, and racism throughout a fantasy setting.

Release dateFeb 5, 2018
Heroes of Karth: The Curse of the Undead: The Heroes of Karth, #1

Grant Hamilton

Born in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec in 1968, Grant Hamilton went to a small high school with less than a dozen people in his graduating class. The small class environment provided some distinct advantages, with his teachers being able to devote more time and attention to individual students. Grant’s teachers encouraged his storytelling ambition and subsequently one of his poetry works was published. This small success was the catalyst for Grant’s writing passion, fueling the energy to finish high school with a major in enriched English classes at Brookfield High. After obtaining a B.A. at Carleton University with studies in Film and English literature,Grant’s fertile mind continued to flex as he wrote short stories and poetry to be included in future anthologies. During this time, fantasy books and board games were becoming very popular and were a heavy influence on Grant. Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Forgotten Realms: The Crystal Shard, and Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight are some of his favorite books and games.Grant was married in 1999 and as a civilian Project Manager with National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces, has continued to develop his writing and communications skills. His second youngest son Gregory Hamilton was diagnosed with autism, resulting in his family re-inventing themselves by downsizing their home and income, his wife leaving her job to home-school their son with special needs. Raising someone with high functioning autism opened Grant’s eyes to a part of the world about which he knew very little. He has reinvented himself as a champion of autism and as part of that challenge, Grant made the decision to raise autism awareness by writing a series of fantasy novels that includes an autistic hero modeled after his son. The Heroes of Karth series is the result of his experience and passion coming together like a perfect storm, creating a world for readers of all ages to enjoy and expand upon for many years to come.

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