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Viaggi con Claudine
Viaggi con Claudine
Viaggi con Claudine
Ebook162 pages2 hours

Viaggi con Claudine

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"Questi di adesso sono articoli di vagabondaggio. Fatti in compagnia di Claudine. Costei, come sapete, l'ho presa a prestito dai coniugi Willy. "
Release dateOct 31, 2017
Viaggi con Claudine

Augusto De Angelis

Augusto De Angelis (1888-1944) was an Italian novelist and journalist, most famous for his series of detective novels featuring Commissario Carlo De Vincenzi. His cultured protagonist was enormously popular in Italy, but the Fascist government of the time considered him an enemy, and during the Second World War he was imprisoned by the authorities. Shortly after his release he was beaten up by a Fascist activist and died from his injuries.

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