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The Italian You Won't Forget
The Italian You Won't Forget
The Italian You Won't Forget
Ebook105 pages52 minutes

The Italian You Won't Forget

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Currently unavailable

About this ebook

Level: Basic/Intermediate. This is the enhanced edition with translation, notes, and word clouds for better retention. It's the perfect companion for the subliminal audio edition with the same title which features binaural beats, isochronic pulses, and sounds of nature, for the best learning experience.

You will learn:

• Useful Words and Phrases
• Conversation
• Directions
• Numbers
• Asking for Things
• Expressions of Discomfort
• Pronouns
• Timetable
• Demonstratives
• Small Talk
• Shopping
• Miscellaneous Expressions
• Direction Words
• Food
• The Time
• Troubles
• Contractions.

Italian pronunciation follows the spelling closely.

Release dateJul 1, 2017

Alfonso Borello

Alfonso Borello has written drama, thrillers, travel diaries, biographies, and essays on history, religion, philosophy, psychology, evolution, cosmos, revolutionaries, inventors, and numerous books on language learning in Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, and Thai.

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