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Educação para a liberdade
Educação para a liberdade
Educação para a liberdade
Ebook125 pages2 hours

Educação para a liberdade

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About this ebook

Aqui se apresentam alguns artigos, textos que se relacionam à pesquisa em Educação.
Apresentado Dra. Denise de Camargo com prefácio de Dra. Maria Sara de Lima Dias
Os artigos e temas relacionados que por fim nos encaminham à reflexão:
Primeira parte:
Ouvidoria universitária e as relações comunitárias contemporâneas
Fragmentação e educação para o capital em Crise: Racionalização e individualização de um totalitarismo de Estado.
Exclusão da inclusão

Segunda parte:
Caderno de anotações requeridas e desperdiçadas ao longo da vida
Educação continuada em O Mestre Ignorante de Jacques Ranciere
Pedagogia social comunitária e a autonomia freireana: Estudos preliminares em educação continuada e em educação social comunitária para a formação integral do homem
O Sensível Educativo

Release dateMay 27, 2017
Educação para a liberdade

Pedro Moreira Nt

Who I am Pedro Moreira Nt I have been a writer since infancy; my father influenced me with reasonable asks to do that the best possible, and my mother, too, read to me, I have been a writer since infancy; my father influenced me with reasonable asks to do that the best possible, and my mother, too, read to me, and at both comes a song walking my mind, sweetness and lovely goodness. I am critical of that; I desire to create a mist of essay, but my preference for poem structure and sensibility do not long of art. So, I seek romanticizing concepts and developing a new sense of literature that happens in its movement. I leave it to the reader to do part of that; they create a truthful text and can do a good book. It is the interpretation, the way, a leap beyond what a word says, transforming our lives when they share. My first writings, chronic stories, participated in my soul. It was extremely critical and sarcastic about what I saw from reality. I am talking of a fifties age period behind. In a position about what I developed, my evolution was more toward apparent expressionism and realism with wave poetical intermain. I do not know, and I am a writer by chance by life. I wait to create something more dense and fragile so that a reader can discover more insight and make the story. I write all day. I threw out many texts, books, and theatre, left at home friends, gave up on other works, abandoned along the path, and presented in different ways when it was impossible. I have not had a time in which I did not have difficulties showing my art, or I was, for some reason, prohibited from showing, or people made oyster faces and bodies, seeing down shoes, putting me out because, beyond writing, I talk. And when I speak, I create conflict with conceptualistic people. I am intervenient into the academy and ideological corpus, into radicalism free. I am more definitive when I believe in what I say and highly flexible when people do not know what I am saying. My themes are variant, and many circumstances bring me a gift, a motive to write. I wrote in Portuguese two books that I like, "Lirio" - Lille, and "O Peixinho do Pantanal" - The Little Fish from Pantanal (Wetlands), and both meant creation, jump to beyond, overcome, transformation social and personal release. From that, I wrote other books seeking to show different meanings throughout of phantasy necessary, and it to parents an...

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