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Lorde won two Grammys earlier this year for her song 'Royals,' which has captivated audiences all over the world and skyrocketed her from obscurity to superstardom. Quite an accomplishment for a girl who just turned 17. Lorde is the voice of her generation, a head-strong, determined young woman who knows what she wants and has known how she was going to get it from an early age. She's a renowned feminist, a performer with a Minimalist/Goth/Electropop stye that is as haunting as it is enticing and thought-provoking. She still lives at home, she still does the dishes and she still goes to school. Lorde is particularly intriguing because she is so contrary to everything that pop music has become. She is a true intellect whose songs have been guided by great authors and deep thinkers rather than the predictable template of current pop music. She's smart, creative, a true individual -- and only 17. Stories that are too good to be true, but are, makes Shapiro's biography of Lorde truly something special.
PublisherOmnibus Press
Release dateAug 11, 2014

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