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The Pursual
The Pursual
The Pursual
Ebook308 pages4 hours

The Pursual

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About this ebook

Neith and Invier are madly in love, yet destined for an unhappy ever after.

Invier's family is too lowly-ranked for a union with Neith, so she, unwilling to accept a loveless union with someone else, revives a long-abandoned competition called the Pursual. In the Pursual, the prize is the girl and an alliance with her influential family.

Entered into the competition without his consent, Invier becomes suspicious of Neith's motives. Still, he must win, or see his love married to a rival. The mysterious deaths of competitors, the discovery of dark secrets, and a growing rebellion mean that nothing will come easy.

The competition meant to bring them together threatens to tear the couple apart. Yet only by working together will they overcome their rivals and gain a life with each other.

The Pursual is the first book in The Nome Chronicles Series. It features compelling characters, romance and complex societal politics. Readers who liked Graceling, The Hunger Games, and The Winner’s Curse books will enjoy this YA sci fi dystopian story.

Explore The Pursual to discover this exciting new series today!
PublisherF. F. John
Release dateApr 8, 2017
The Pursual
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