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The Oracle Day: libri Asino Rosso
The Oracle Day: libri Asino Rosso
The Oracle Day: libri Asino Rosso
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The Oracle Day: libri Asino Rosso

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About this ebook

Here is the new International digital book (in english) of the eclectic Pierluigi Casalino scholar, already known as a modern protagonist of the italian futurist revival. He's often wandering around the world; he mainly visited North Africa countries, France and Britain. H'is also reported as a promoter of an unexplored Arab futurism. Also Casalino, in this eBook and with post-modern style, foresees a new West, a new Mediterranean system and even a new East Europe, after the Soviet empire's fall and the rise of contemporary China in world affairs. This eBook is beyond the usual sociological and political standards and offers us a necessary cultural chromaticism perspective. So a new edge over the world blooms.
Release dateJan 24, 2017
The Oracle Day: libri Asino Rosso

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