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Mud Ball: The Mud Series
Mud Ball: The Mud Series
Mud Ball: The Mud Series
Ebook233 pages5 hours

Mud Ball: The Mud Series

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"If you've ever fantasised about going off-grid, this book is a must read!" The Fethiye Times.

I couldn’t teach another lesson. Nor could I tolerate another day with a boss, a punch card and the indigestion I suffered from bolting my muesli. This was why I’d spent the past five months camping in a remote Turkish field. I’d been happy despite the lack of power or running water. Then the first winter storm crashed through the valley, turning my tent into a canvas pole dancer. It dawned on me I might need a house. There were only two problems: I had just $6000 left in my account, and 6 weeks before winter.

"A wonderful, heart-tugging story." The Natural Building Blog.
"Inspiring and beautifully written." The Owner Builder Magazine.

Release dateJun 5, 2015
Mud Ball: The Mud Series

Atulya K Bingham

Atulya K Bingham is a novelist, blogger and natural builder. In 2011 she found herself out of funds and ended up camping in a Turkish field. There was no power or running water, and she had little outdoors survival knowledge. The experience had a profound effect on her. Despite knowing nothing about building, Atulya gathered a team and constructed an earthbag house. She lived there on her beloved Mud Mountain until August 2016. Atulya is now travelling the west coast of Europe with her dog, in search of her new off-grid Eden. You can follow Atulya K Bingham’s comings and goings on her blog and website:

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