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Die drei von Cordova
Die drei von Cordova
Die drei von Cordova
Ebook231 pages2 hours

Die drei von Cordova

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Der selbsternannte Oberst Black steurt langsam aber sicher auf seinen Untergang zu. Zuviele Börsengeschäfte missrieten, zuviele Kontrahenden starben eines plötzlichen Todes. Und als sich die Vier Gerechten der Sache annehmen ...
PublisherEdgar Wallace
Release dateNov 30, 2016
Die drei von Cordova

Edgar Wallace

Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was a London-born writer who rose to prominence during the early twentieth century. With a background in journalism, he excelled at crime fiction with a series of detective thrillers following characters J.G. Reeder and Detective Sgt. (Inspector) Elk. Wallace is known for his extensive literary work, which has been adapted across multiple mediums, including over 160 films. His most notable contribution to cinema was the novelization and early screenplay for 1933’s King Kong.

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