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Die Saisonen Gottes erkennen
Die Saisonen Gottes erkennen
Die Saisonen Gottes erkennen
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Die Saisonen Gottes erkennen

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Haben Sie jemals die Wege Gottes kennen lernen wollen? Nicht nur Lehre aus dem Wort, sondern die Wege bzw. die Weisen wie er leitet und sich innerhalb der Saisonen in unserem Leben bewegt? In “Die Saisonen Gottes erkennen” lehrt John über die Wege Gottes, wie sie in seinem Wort erklärt werden, und er berichtet über persönliche Erfahrungen mit Engeln und Heimsuchungen von Jesus.

Dieses Buch ist ein “Muss”, für jeden der danach verlangt die Stimme Gottes klarer zu hören oder der das Gefühl hat, dass der Herr versucht zu ihm zu sprechen, aber der nicht genau weiß, was er sagt. “Die Saisonen Gottes erkennen” wird dem Leser helfen zu lernen, wie man in den Umständen des Lebens die Stimme und die Führung des Herrn unterscheiden bzw. wahrnehmen kann.

PublisherJohn C. Fenn
Release dateSep 9, 2016
Die Saisonen Gottes erkennen

John C. Fenn

John and Barbara Fenn were born in Kokomo, Indiana and grew up just a few miles from each other. They attended the same kindergarten, went to many of the same neighborhood birthday parties growing up, and had mutual friends. Barb even attended John's confirmation in the Episcopal Church when they were twelve years old. They began dating as teenagers and were born again together and baptized with the Holy Spirit at age sixteen. Each attended Indiana University after graduating high school and were then married in 1978. In early 2002 John and Barb founded the Church Without Walls International of Tulsa (CWOWI), a house church network, emphasizing relationship-based Christianity. The seeds of CWOWI were planted in 1992 during a time of prayer. The Lord Jesus appeared to John in a visitation and shared some of what He would be doing in the future. Part of the Lord's plan was an exodus from many of the "para-church" organizations that were raised up after the Charismatic renewal of the 1960s and 70s. This would produce a movement of more "para-church" organizations, home prayer meetings, and also home-based churches. On November 4, 2001, during an evening church meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, Jesus appeared again to John. As both John and the host pastor fell to their knees, Jesus laid hands on John and told him to start a home church network "based on my Word and the things you've learned through the people I've brought across your path this year." The Lord said He wanted it to be called The Church Without Walls International. The next month, CWOWI began meeting in the Fenn home, and is growing and gaining affiliate house churches as relationships develop. Known for teaching with anointing and by revelation and flowing with the gifts of the spirit, his heart's desire is to make known the ways of the Father God. Church Without Walls International (CWOWI) is dedicated to making disciples of Jesus Christ through the establishment of a network of related house churches around the world.

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