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Der Flaschenteufel
Der Flaschenteufel
Der Flaschenteufel
Ebook51 pages45 minutes

Der Flaschenteufel

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Der hawaiische Matrose Keawe erwirbt wenig Geld eine Flasche, die ihrem Besitzer jeden Wunsch erfüllt. Nur muss er sie vor seinem Tod günstiger weiterverkaufen, damit seine Seele nicht dem Teufel verfällt...
PublisherBoD E-Short
Release dateSep 5, 2016
Der Flaschenteufel

Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Lewis Balfour Stevenson was born on 13 November 1850, changing his second name to ‘Louis’ at the age of eighteen. He has always been loved and admired by countless readers and critics for ‘the excitement, the fierce joy, the delight in strangeness, the pleasure in deep and dark adventures’ found in his classic stories and, without doubt, he created some of the most horribly unforgettable characters in literature and, above all, Mr. Edward Hyde.

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