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Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls
Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls
Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls
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Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls

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About this ebook

Learn to use Devexpress ASP.NET controls, and get $250 worth ofcontrols included with the book

Devexpress is a leading supplier of ASP.NET controls - theaddins used in ASP.NET sites. Not only does this book show you howto make the most of them with Silverlight and Ajax, reporting,calendars, editors, and charts, but you also get actual controlsworth $250 on the CD-ROM included with the book.

Regardless of your level of ASP.NET expertise, this completereference will show you how to implement many award-winning anduseful controls into your ASP.NET applications. Controls save timeand effort as well as adding functionality, and this book helps youtake full advantage of what they offer.

  • Devexpress is a leading vendor for ASP.NET controls thatdevelopers can use to add features, accomplish difficult tasks, andsave development and testing time
  • This book addresses the all-important use of controls forSilverlight and Ajax, as well as classic essentials like reporting,editors, calendars, and charts
  • Covered controls include reports and charts, HTML editors,menus and treeviews, gridview, and many more
  • Explains when and where to use controls and how to addfunctionality without additional development
  • CD-ROM includes $250 worth of Devexpress controls ready for youto use right away

With Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls, you'll bea step ahead in developing powerful ASP.NET applications.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials arenot included as part of eBook file.

Release dateMay 21, 2010
Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls

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