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The Chairs
The Chairs
The Chairs
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The Chairs

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About this ebook

How to achieve maximum well-being and achieve a stronger and more flexible body.
In this collection, Esperanza Aparicio Romero and Javier Pérez Pont, directors of the only center that imparts the original teachings of the Pilates teacher in Spain, show us, step by step and in a simple way, the keys to obtain the greatest benefits from this method, which considers the body, mind and spirit as a unit, and its main objective is to coordinate them with a view to achieving a stronger and more flexible body, as well as a more stylized figure.
It is a chair-shaped device with a long back, two side posts with handles for hands, and a pedal attached with two springs for resistance. It is an excellent device to strengthen the "energy center", the hips, buttocks, legs, knees, feet, Achilles tendon, arms, as well as to enhance control and balance.
Release dateMay 13, 2013
The Chairs

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