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Sateliți. Succintă Abordare Introductivă
Sateliți. Succintă Abordare Introductivă
Sateliți. Succintă Abordare Introductivă
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Sateliți. Succintă Abordare Introductivă

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About this ebook

Prezenta lucrare, vine să completeze prin informaţiile aduse, un domeniu, care este în plină ascensiune. Cu certitudine, sateliţii reprezintă unul dintre vârfurile tehnologice (ale mileniului trei) cu cele mai multe perspective. Se arată drumul parcurs de omenire de la apariţia primului telescop, până la apariţia primului satelit. Este realizată o clasificare originală a sateliților, urmând o prezentare succintă a celor naturali. Sunt descrise câteva categorii de sateliți artificiali, apoi diferite laboratoare spațiale destinate experimentelor și observațiilor științifice iar, în final, sunt date detalii despre stațiile spațiale MIR și SSI.

Release dateApr 24, 2016
Sateliți. Succintă Abordare Introductivă

Silviu Suliță

Silviu Suliță has a solid educational background (Bachelor’s Degree, Engineer in the field of Mechanics, specialization: Machine-Building Technology 1989-1995 *** Diploma of Professional Conversion in Technological Education 1999-2001 *** Master Degree in Informatics 2001-2003 *** Diploma of Professional Conversion in Information and Communication Technology 2014-2016), a great experience in education (teaching different subjects on different levels), a huge creativity potential (author of many books, inventor with few patents, programmer of software applications, creator of multiple videos, author of many articles, independent researcher in nonconventional fields) and a fruitful interpersonal collaboration (social activist, moderator of different clubs, contributor on several projects, consultant on many fields, personal tutor and trainer).The author (a nonconformist, an opponent of obsolete approaches, demanding with himself and those around him) propose synthetic solutions on problems that cannot be solved by ignorant, duplicitous or obedient persons that refuse to believe that a fundament change at inner at outer levels is possible.In his books the knight of the pen pries the past, takes the pulse of the present and forecasts the future through a holistic approach of the systems and phenomena that are specific of different domains/ realms/ worlds.Unknown, mysterious, secret, hidden and occult pieces of information are brought to light and posted in a structured manner in the front of the readers.The books are exciting, written in a pragmatic manner and useful in everyday life like a beacon in the darkness of the night.These pieces of art invite readers to start the true journey of their lives in the quest of their spiritual essence.

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