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The Suncaster: The Reefsong, #1
The Suncaster: The Reefsong, #1
The Suncaster: The Reefsong, #1
Ebook326 pages4 hours

The Suncaster: The Reefsong, #1

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About this ebook

It is 2104 and a New Age for humanity. Technology and inspirational wisdom have together healed the Earth, eliminated most life-threatening disease and extended by a generation the human lifespan.

Life is disciplined in this new Age of Mind, but air steward Kieron Keats can live with that. And, of course, he has little choice.

By living quietly and working hard he's raised his daughter, Teria, to the eve of graduation, and if he keeps his head down and his body looking fit he should have work for years to come.

All Keats wants is to keep them safe. Teria wants more.

The Suncaster is a good, smart read, a novel for seekers and idea-people. A vision of the future based on the present and the past, of technology, of society, but most of all a novel of emergent 'man—of who we may become, and who else we might be along the way.

Release dateJan 27, 2016
The Suncaster: The Reefsong, #1
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