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Biblia Amplificată în Limba Română: Noul Testament
Biblia Amplificată în Limba Română: Noul Testament
Biblia Amplificată în Limba Română: Noul Testament
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Biblia Amplificată în Limba Română: Noul Testament

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About this ebook

Ei citeau desluşit în cartea Legii lui Dumnezeu, şi-I arătau (amplificînd)înţelesul (şi lămurindu-i), ca să-I facă (pe popor) să înţeleagă ce citiseră.
Neemia 8:8

Release dateMay 31, 2013
Biblia Amplificată în Limba Română: Noul Testament
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Cătălin Negrean

My name is Negrean Cătălin Remus I’m 45 years old and I’m ordained as Evangelist in Christian Organization “Project James 1:27 ” of Arad, Romania. I’m married since 8 years ago with my beautiful and delicate wife Negrean Speranța Elisabeta, and we have a 1 year and 4 month beautiful daughter named Negrean Iunia Debora Maria. I was born in 11. May. 1972 in town Arad, Romania. I attended ten classes and vocational schools a year that I graduated in July 1989. In 20. May. 2000 I confessed Jesus Christ as my Savior in the baptism of water in the Nondenominational Church Iosua in town Arad, where pastor was brother Dan Pîrvulescu, and in 31 June 2000 i was Baptize with the Holy Spirit, from 6 February 2001 – 3 August 2001 I attended the Christian Missionary International School in Youth With a Mission Organization and I was as missionary in town Banja-Luka from Bosnia and town Varanasi from India. In 2002 I began working as a volunteer for the Christian Organization “Project James 1:27” of Arad, Romania. And in 10. October. 2003 I was ordained as Evangelist in the same organization where I serve until 2009. Between October 2004 and 13. Mai. 2005 I attended and graduated Romanien Christian Counseling School in International Christian Christian Organization “ELLEL Ministries”.

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