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Un albergo di provincia e un uomo solo, stanco di vivere e di amare. Niente e nessuno pare più interessarlo. Poi, all’improvviso, una scoperta: un buco in una parete gli consente di scoprire una nuova scena, gli permette di “vedere” e “ascoltare” la scabrosa vita degli altri, la vita nella stanza accanto. Sarà questo l’accadimento decisivo della sua esistenza. Ciò che conoscerà, oltre ogni giudizio etico e morale, lo affascinerà a tal punto da cambiare completamente il suo destino.
Release dateMar 25, 2015
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Henri Barbusse

Henri Barbusse (1873–1935) enlisted in the French army in 1914 and served against Germany in World War I. Invalided out of the army three times, he served in the war for seventeen months, until the end of 1915, when he was permanently moved into a clerical position due to pulmonary damage, exhaustion, and dysentery. Barbusse first came to fame with the 1917 publication of his novel Le Feu (translated by William Fitzwater Wray as Under Fire), which was based on his experiences during World War I. By this time, Barbusse had become a pacifist, and his writing demonstrated his growing hatred of militarism. He then moved to Moscow for a time, married a Russian woman, and joined the French Communist Party.

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