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Luce sul Sentiero
Luce sul Sentiero
Luce sul Sentiero
Ebook61 pages46 minutes

Luce sul Sentiero

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Luce sul Sentiero ha origini antichissime: dapprima scritto in sanscrito su foglie di palma in età preistorica, poi tradotto in greco dal Maestro Veneziano per i suoi allievi alessandrini. Infine, attraverso Mabel Collins, è giunto sino a noi.
È una guida alle filosofie orientali che conserva intatta la magia di un manoscritto antico e dona utili consigli di vita, per arricchire l’esistenza dell’umanità.
Release dateSep 9, 2014
Luce sul Sentiero
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Mabel Collins

Elliott O'Donnell was an Irish author known primarily for his books about ghosts. He claimed decent from Irish chieftains of ancient times, including Niall of the Nine Hostages (the King Arthur of Irish folklore) and Red Hugh, who fought the English in the sixteenth century. O'Donnell was educated at Clifton College, England, and Queen's Service Academy, Dublin, Ireland. As he became known as an authority on the supernatural, he was called upon as a ghost hunter. He also lectured and broadcast, via radio and television, on the paranormal in Britain and the United States. In addition to his more than 50 books, he wrote scores of articles and stories for national newspapers and magazines. O'Donnell claimed, "I have investigated, sometimes alone, and sometimes with other people and the press, many cases of reputed hauntings. I believe in ghosts but am not a spiritualist."

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