Sueños compartidos
Sueños compartidos
Sueños compartidos
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Sueños compartidos

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¿Cómo era posible que lo atrajera tanto una mujer que le convenía tan poco?

Gabriel Logan había ideado su futuro hacía ya mucho tiempo y Faith Starr Addison no encajaba en sus planes. Era demasiado bella, estaba demasiado centrada en su trabajo... y era demasiado seductora para un sencillo hombre de pueblo como él. La experiencia le había enseñado que era mejor alejarse de esa clase de mujeres. Pero las largas horas que pasaban trabajando juntos estaban despertando extrañas ideas en su cabeza... y extraños sentimientos en su corazón.
Release dateNov 8, 2012
Sueños compartidos
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Melissa McClone

Wife to her high school sweetheart, mother to two little girls, former salon owner - oh, and author - Jules Bennett isn't afraid to tackle the blessings of life head-on. Once she sets a goal in her sights, get out of her way or come along for the ride...just ask her husband. Jules lives in the Midwest where she loves spending time with her family and making memories. Jules's love extends beyond her family and books. She's an avid shoe, hat and purse connoisseur. She feels that her font of knowledge when it comes to accessories is essential when setting a scene. Jules participates in the Silhouette Desire Author Blog and holds launch contests through her website when she has a new release. Please visit her website, where you can sign up for her newsletter to keep up to date on everything in Jules's life.

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