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German for Beginners
German for Beginners
German for Beginners
Ebook189 pages28 minutes

German for Beginners

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About this ebook

This e-book contains exactly ten lessons for learning the basics of the German language.
Along with this e-book, you also get ten individual mp3 audio files via e-mail. And in each of these audio files, the text of each individual lesson is spoken and recorded in German.
While "reading" the German lesson, you should simultaneously "hear" the spoken text of that particular lesson in German.
By this way, you understand and learn German a bit faster.
The accompanying translation gives you the meaning of every word of the German text in English.

Release dateMay 26, 2015
German for Beginners

Amburkar Vittal Rao

I introduce myself as an Indian engineer trained in Austria and Germany for about five years from 1967 to 1971. Before leaving India, I had attended a course of instructions in German at the "Goethe Institute" and have passed the proficiency examinations with a First Class to my credit. During my long stay in Austria and Germany, I was constrained to speak, read and write in German. This has enabled me to gain a good command over the German language. After returning to India in 1972, however, I am involved in teaching German OFFLINE as also ONLINE. Based on this long teaching experience, therefore, I have prepared my own e-book and mp3 audio files for learning the basic tenants of the German language. On the Internet, you are invited to visit me by clicking on the following two links: 1. 2. Thank you for your kind attention. A​mburkar​ Vittal Rao Skype Name: avittalrao Mobile: 91-9940578535 Email:

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