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Merger Complete: Merger, #3
Merger Complete: Merger, #3
Merger Complete: Merger, #3
Ebook251 pages4 hours

Merger Complete: Merger, #3

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Kasey (K.K.) Blakely just walked away from the most important men in her life. Leaving their world and hers shattered. Joshua Crawford, her business partner, and fiancee is the only man she’s ever loved. Jake Crawford, his playboy brother, who just confessed to being in love with her. And, Jeremy Nichols, the doctor who was left dazzled by just one kiss, bestowed by her in her greatest moment of need.

As CEO of Blakely-Crawford Enterprises, she’s going to have to find a way to repair the damage her love life has done to her company. Loving two brothers who are also her business partners will never work. How do you face the storm of your betrayal when so many hearts are on the line? But love and loss are not the only obstacles she’ll have to overcome. Richard, the uncle she never knew, is here to stake a claim on the life he was robbed of and the company she’s worked so hard to build. Secrets unfold and everything she thought she knew comes into question, leaving her devastated and scrambling to right the wrongs. Now, the merger she fought so hard to make happen, hangs in the balance.    

Joshua Crawford never imagined the best day of his life would also be the worst. How could he lose the only woman he’s ever loved? It was a stolen kiss that should have meant nothing, but it did, and now he was competing with a formidable opponent. And his brother’s confession about being in love with K.K. has sent his world into a tailspin. How can he win her back when she’s given her love away? Does he even want to?

Merger Complete is the culmination of forbidden love, broken hearts and finding a way to overcome all obstacles. It wasn’t just a Merger that became Undone, it was the last one to Complete. 

Release dateJun 13, 2015
Merger Complete: Merger, #3
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