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Взрослые истории молодого проповедника
Взрослые истории молодого проповедника
Взрослые истории молодого проповедника
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Взрослые истории молодого проповедника

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Путешествуя по разным городам и странам, посещая церкви, молодежные служения и конференции, я испытываю огромное наслаждение вдохновлять верующих своими "невероятными" приключениями, которые произошли со мной в начале 90-х годов, когда я был еще подростком. В этой небольшой книге запечатлены девять историй, которые помогут вам взглянуть на жизнь иначе и подготовят вас к совершению личных подвигов для Христа прямо посреди обычных жизненных ситуаций.

Release dateMay 13, 2015
Взрослые истории молодого проповедника

Serhiy Kravchenko

I was born in 1975 in the Soviet Union. Currently, Sumy is the city in which I grew up to stay on the territory of Ukraine.In late 1992, our family was faced with a cancer of our grandmother. The doctors told us that they are unable to help her. My mom decided to find someone who can help her. And it was Jesus. In the end, the grandmother was healed and experienced a dramatic encounter with the Lord right in the hospital. And so did my mom, my sisters and I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our lives. A year later I went into the army, where I founded my first Church, right in the military hospital. At this time all of my plans changed and I received a call to serve God. From September 1995 to August 1997 I was a youth pastor at my church in Sumy. In late August 1997, I founded a church in Glukhov, Sumy region. I was the pastor of this church until August 2010. During my ministry in Glukhov has been a lot of important things in my life. In 2000, I met a beautiful girl, Marina and married her. Later in our family were born the daughter of Pauline and son Eugene. In 2000 I founded the Christian Missionary Camp "Fight of Faith". All these years I am part of an amazing camp that spread missionary vision among children and young people. In 2008, my pastoral ministry expanded, I took responsibility for the church in Priluki (Chernigov region). Between the two cities was about 250 kilometers. That is the distance I had to overcome when moving from one city to another on a weekend, in order to serve simultaneously in two churches. In 2009, in my heart there was a new direction from the Lord: Russia! From that moment till 2013 I was actively involved in church planting in Russia. In 2013, we opened for our self a new European direction. In August 2013 – We moved to Poland to continue our Ministry in Europe.Today I am involved in:1.Discipleship movement in Poland.2.Inspiration and mobilization of the Body of Christ to go to the nations and make disciples.3.Missionary projects.4.Writing books

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