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Evoluţie spirituală: Cum să creştem?
Evoluţie spirituală: Cum să creştem?
Evoluţie spirituală: Cum să creştem?
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Evoluţie spirituală: Cum să creştem?

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About this ebook

Daca am putea realiza cat mai devreme, in timpul vietii, ca scopul profund pentru care ne nastem este acela de a evolua interior, de a slefui diamantul nepretuit care este sufletul, de a intelege ca tot ceea ce facem si emitem catre exterior provoaca consecinte inclusiv pentru noi, am scapa de multe suferinte si am invata lectiile inainte de a fi necesare!

Bogatia, faima, valorile materiale ne sunt oferite ca “accesorii”, numai atunci cand acestea nu reprezinta un pericol pentru evolutia noastra si numai daca faptele noastre anterioare genereaza aceste drepturi...

Release dateFeb 25, 2015
Evoluţie spirituală: Cum să creştem?

Claudia Nita Donca

Claudia Nita Donca has graduated the Academy of Economic Studies – Marketing in Romania and holds a Professional Diploma in Marketing UK (Chartered Marketer). Ten years ago she has started the spiritual growing, accessing also parapsychology and knowledge from inside. Being Master on many systems like: Reiki, Karuna, Gendai, Shamballa, Melchisedec, Divining- level 7 and using communication skills developed over time, Claudia has proposed to apply the acquired knowledge and provide those who need it, those who want to grow spiritual. She has started practicing holistic therapies to those who need this and she proposed to reveal everything discovered that can lead to a better life, to all her readers. "God is in all men, but not all people are in God - this is why their suffering!"

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