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Brasil: Manifesto Silencioso
Brasil: Manifesto Silencioso
Brasil: Manifesto Silencioso
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Brasil: Manifesto Silencioso

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About this ebook

Este ensaio é uma coletânea de artigos reunidos com o objetivo de apresentar um manifesto silencioso, mas não calado sobre a decadência política e social que vivemos nestes dias no Brasil.

Não se trata de um trabalho acadêmico, poético, filosófico ou político e sim apenas um manifesto de um brasileiro que sonha com um país melhor.

Release dateJan 4, 2015
Brasil: Manifesto Silencioso

Luis Alexandre Ribeiro Branco

Prof. Dr. Luis Alexandre Ribeiro Branco, D.Mim., PhD, is a Portuguese citizen, married for nearly 15 years and the father of two beautiful girls. Born in the city of Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in January 1974. However, his paternal grandparents are of Azorean origin. He holds a Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies (BA), Master of Church Administration and Leadership (MA), both at Trinity Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana, USA, has the Degree of Doctor of Honoris Causa Ministry (D.Min.) at Centre For Contemporary Christianity do John Stott - The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity em Bangalore, India, Christianity branch in Bangalore, India and a Doctor Degree in Philosophy and Apologetics (Ph.D) also from Trinity Seminary. His works include acting as a local parishioner, writer and professor at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Queluz, Portugal. He is a member of the Society of Christian Philosophers, member of the Portuguese Philosophical Society, member of the Brazilian Society of Poets Aldravianistas, member of Movimiento Poets Del Mundo, member of the Portuguese Association of Poets, member of the Brazilian Union of Writers, member of the Academy of Letters and Arts Portugal, member of the Academy of Letters and Arts Lusophone having as patron António Augusto Soares de Passos, member of the Brazilian Academy Luminescence having as patron Pio Lourenço Correa. He is associated with the Administrative Board of Missions of the National Baptist Convention in Brazil. Dr. Branco has served as a missionary in India, New Zealand and Norway, which provided him a significant cross-cultural experience. His theology is reformed and as a poet, he has a melancholy style along the lines of the ultra-romantic poets of the nineteenth century, He describes himself as a humanist characterized by the idea that the man only reaches its true essence through the knowledge of God. Dr. Branco lives in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal, with his family and have works published in the areas spirituality, theology, philosophy and anthology.

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