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The Relevance of Kabir
The Relevance of Kabir
The Relevance of Kabir
Ebook240 pages4 hours

The Relevance of Kabir

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About this ebook

Do you want to boldly love? Kabir questions those beliefs that hide our capacities for love and freedom and gives us the master key.

Do you think love can stand without truth at its side? Do you murder love when you sacrifice truth or does love transcend truth? Vickers explores this complex relationship using Kabir’s boldest verses...

Can love cause pain? Does love originate from the mind or the heart? Is love a chemical reaction or a soulful connection?

Make love with what IS...

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PublisherTodd Vickers
Release dateJan 3, 2015
The Relevance of Kabir

Todd Vickers

Todd Vickers publishes at NoShameinSex.Com and Water-Scribe.Com. He has published two books The Paradox Of Self Realization, Truth Like Fire, and is soon to be releasing: The Relevance of Kabir.

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