Sleep with Me: A Novel
Sleep with Me: A Novel
Sleep with Me: A Novel
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Sleep with Me: A Novel

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For fans of Ian McEwan, a gripping, tautly plotted novel of adultery and betrayal.

Leila and Richard conceive a child in a moment of giggling chaos while getting dressed for a holiday party. Arriving late and still flushed, they barely register a slight, drab woman who, like a shadow, threatens the happiness they've achieved. But Sylvie's presence cannot be ignored. As the pregnancy progresses and Sylvie inserts herself into their lives, the couple finds themselves tangled in a web of deceit and uncertainty--distrusting each other and gradually coming to doubt even their own memories.

Compelling and haunting, told with astonishing clarity from both Richard and Lelia's points of view, Sleep with Me is an extraordinary tale of obsession and desire that takes hold, body and soul, and doesn't let go until the final page is turned.
Release dateDec 1, 2008
Sleep with Me: A Novel
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Joanna Briscoe

Joanna Briscoe is the author of five previous novels, including the bestselling Sleep With Me, which was adapted for ITV by Andrew Davies. She has been a columnist for the Independent and the Guardian, is a literary critic for the Guardian, and broadcasts regularly on Radio 4. Joanna lives in London. @JoannaBriscoe

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