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Короткий рассказ о женщине, пытающейся справиться с ситуацией погружения своей матери в старческое слабоумие. В 2014 году этот рассказ стал победителем ежегодного конкурса короткого рассказа Talus, проводящегося в Университете Эдит Кован в городе Перт (Австралия). Перевел с английского языка и опубликовал Boris Seaweed.

PublisherBoris Seaweed
Release dateNov 15, 2014

Wendy Beach

Wendy Beach is a multidisciplinary artist, pop-up poetry event organiser, and educator living in Perth, Western Australia. Her poetry has been published in the Westerly, Creatrix, Uneven Floor, and various anthologies. She is preoccupied with the exploration of interconnectedness across generations. Her work delves into the ancestral echoes of the past, weaving it with contemporary reflections of the present to create a rich tapestry of time. 2024: Performing Klingon poetry for the Out of this World poetry event put on by Perth Poetry Club. 2023: Co-organiser The 2nd Annual Poets Picnic (2023), Queens Gardens Assisted Mullewa DHS girls, grade 7 and 8, to learn to write Haikus and in having their Haikus published in Creatrix 68 and displayed at the Mullewa Show. 2022: Co-organiser The 1st Annual Poets Picnic (2022), Kaarta Koomba (King's Park) Co-editor of Fifty Words for Sand – A History of Live Poetry in Western Australia 1829-2021 by Mar Bucknell Organiser of Poetry on the 998 Circle Route Poetry Workshop 2021: - In addition to Barnes and Noble, my written work is now available through Apple and Scribd. - Currently working on another novel 2020: - Guest Poet, Woman Scream, International Women's Day Event (PPC - Perth) [Stars, See YouTuesday] - Two Sacs, published in Creatrix 3 Anthology - Sunflowers is commended in the Maureen Freer (FAWQ) Literary Competition 2020, and subsequently was published in SCOPE Magazine and on the FAWQ Website. 2019: - A Gutted Fish, published in the Ros Spencer Poetry Anthology. - The Belmonsters story book, co-authored/illustrated, won the National Local Government Awards for Arts and Animates. 2018: - A short poem exhibited in Skyline's visual poetry presentation (Coral Carter) on the big screen in Perth City. - Feature Poet, A Woman Scream, International Women's Day event. 2017: - Sea Widow's Sonnet published in the Creatrix Anthology 2 (paperback) - How to be a poet (poem) published in Creatrix #38 I.M. of Caroline Sambridge. - Three untitled ekphrastic poems published in the Creative Connections Anthology 2017 (paperback) - Two poems, Pedestal and The Peacock, published in Creatrix #37 - Designed the poster for WAPI's Poetry on a Plate event - Women of disharmony (poem) published online at The Uneven Floor - Featured poet at the Perth Poetry Club...

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