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En Daim NoirVeste
En Daim NoirVeste
En Daim NoirVeste
Ebook15 pages11 minutes

En Daim NoirVeste

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Lundi matin. Je me réveille de mon somme et regarde l’heure de la voiture : 2 h 30. Veste en daim noire.
Une fois émergé, je réalise que j’attends 2 amies comme si j’étais leur chauffeur.
C’est à ce moment précis que je décide alors de rentrer chez moi. Je laisse Angela et ma veste préférée alors qu’elle a oublié son paquet de cigarettes dans ma voiture. Quid Pro Quo.
Je me demande quand je vais pouvoir récupérer ma veste.

PublisherJulio Bonilla
Release dateOct 29, 2014
En Daim NoirVeste

Julio Bonilla

Julio Francisco Bonilla, Jr. graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Latino Studies (formerly known as Raza Studies) in January 2012 after nearly a decade of passing and failing classes due to undiagnosed ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder). While in college, he started off as a  Business major to his parents bidding. In 2007, he switched his major to Journalism until he eventually changed his major once more- Latino Studies. He was inspired to write short stories and poetry about his own life while taking Creative Writing Workshop. His poems dealt with bad memories of having to re-learn stuff after suffering a trauma at 4 ½. While finishing Black Suede Jacket, he thought of another story, Two Drinks At A Night’s Waltz. He self-published both stories in 2013 on Draft2digital. BSJ has been translated to Spanish, Italian, French, CantoneseThe following year, he translated his first story to Spanish in order to reach a wider audience. That same year, Two Drinks was released in print on CreateSpace. In 2015, Black Suede Jacket was made into an audiobook on ACX. He is currently writing a short story about his Senior Prom. Today, Julio works part-time as a houseman for a wealthy family in Pacific Heights, writes short stories, watches movies and reads self-help books.

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