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Les Énergies Cristal et Indigo: un équilibre à tous les niveaux
Les Énergies Cristal et Indigo: un équilibre à tous les niveaux
Les Énergies Cristal et Indigo: un équilibre à tous les niveaux
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Les Énergies Cristal et Indigo: un équilibre à tous les niveaux

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About this ebook

Peut-être avez-vous entendu parler des enfants Indigo et Cristal et de l'arrivée de Nouvelles Énergies sur la Terre. Ce livre parle de cette révolution énergétique et vous expliquera de quelle façon vous pouvez participer à cet élan grâce à AuraTransformationTM qui est une "mise à jour" de votre énergie personnelle.

Anni Sennov, fondatrice de AuraTransformationTM partage sa vision des Temps Nouveaux et explique comment chacun d'entre nous peut accéder à une nouvelle manière d'exister grâce à l'expansion permanente de la conscience créée par cette puissante technologie énergétique.

Si vous vous posez la question: "Où allons nous?" ce livre vous guidera vers l'équilibre que vous cherchez.

Sue Jonas Dupuis : Aura MediatorTM et formatrice des Aura Mediators

Release dateNov 25, 2014
Les Énergies Cristal et Indigo: un équilibre à tous les niveaux

Anni Sennov

Anni Sennov Anni Sennov is the woman behind AuraTransformationTM, which is a powerful method for expanding your consciousness. She is also the founder of the Aura Mediator CoursesTM which take place in different countries, mainly in Europe. Anni Sennov is a clairvoyant advisor, international lecturer and the author of more than 20 books about energy, consciousness and self-development, as well as New Time children and relationships, several of which have been translated from Danish into a number of languages. Together with her husband Carsten Sennov, she is a partner in the publishing company Good Adventures Publishing and the management consulting and coaching company SennovPartners, where she is a consultant in the fields of personal development, energy and consciousness. Anni and Carsten Sennov have developed the personality type indicator four element profileTM that consists of four main energies corresponding to the four elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, which are each present in everyone in a variety of combinations of balance and strength. Multiple courses are offered on how to understand and integrate these elements both for private people as well as businesses. Anni Sennov was born in Denmark in 1962 and originally began her career in the financial world. Since 1993 she has had her own practice of personal counselling and her great strength is her ability to clairvoyantly perceive multiple relevant circumstances pertaining to her clients’ personality and consciousness. She has a very direct approach and consciously provokes her clients in order for them to open up their eyes to various interesting contexts in life. In 1996, after several years of serious illness and years of intense work with New Age Energies, she gained access to consciousness-wise knowledge of the New Time Energy and the future human aura structure, which no one else was familiar with in Scandinavia at the time. This was the dawn of a new controversial trend of having your aura transformed to match the New Time Energy through an AuraTransformationTM. Anni Sennov’s work and books are mentioned in numerous magazines, newspapers and have featured on radio and television in many countries, both in and outside of Europe. On you can subscribe to her newsletter, and blog and see her travel schedule and event calendar.

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