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Disowned: A Spiritual Coming of Age
Disowned: A Spiritual Coming of Age
Disowned: A Spiritual Coming of Age
Ebook263 pages3 hours

Disowned: A Spiritual Coming of Age

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About this ebook

DISOWNED is coming of age, love story about Rivkah, a teenage girl who is raised in a tight, closed community that demands she conform to their ways. Strong, rebellious and full of spirit, Rivkah has to find her own path. She runs away and falls in love with a young man from another world.

Horrified, her parents disown her and mourn her as dead. Rivkah finds herself cut off not only from the world she was raised in, but from all that used to be meaningful to her.

Rivkah is willing to give up everything for the man she loves. She marries, and we watch her journey as she lives with her husband and meets his friends, who find her strange. We watch her explores different paths and teachings in order to help her find her true way, and where she really belongs.

Then, suddenly, a great change takes place: Rivkah discovers she is bearing a child. Echoes from the past overcome her. She wants the child to know where they came from, and must return to her past and the people in it, the family that disowned her. In the process, Rivkah discovers who she really is and what it means to love and forgive.
PublisherJaden Skye
Release dateJun 7, 2014
Disowned: A Spiritual Coming of Age

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