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Conceptul strategic al NATO (1949-2009)
Conceptul strategic al NATO (1949-2009)
Conceptul strategic al NATO (1949-2009)
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Conceptul strategic al NATO (1949-2009)

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About this ebook

NATO is the main structure able to guarantee the security of the Euro-Atlantic space. Since its founding (The Washington Treaty, in 1949), NATO had crossed a winding way and it is the longest running and the most successful political-military alliance in history.
The international strategic context has suffered substantial changes in the last years, involving a continuous adaptation and improvement of both the classic criteria for analysis of international security, its mechanisms and management.
New challenges to international security, generated by the superposition of processes such as globalization and fragmentation, add to the classic risks and threats. Risks of terrorism and the asymmetric threats are diversifying and increasing in intensity, so the prevention and countering them is a common responsibility of all states .
In the context of the dramatic changes in the security environment, the strategic concept of NATO issue is taken into consideration again. Many analysts and politicians believe that the current strategic concept of the Alliance, adopted at the Washington Summit in April 1999 , is outdated and a new strategic concept is needed.

NATO este principala structura de aparare colectiva capabila sa garanteze securitatea spatiului european si euroatlantic. De la înfiintarea sa, prin Tratatul de la Washington, in 1949, si pana azi, NATO a parcurs un drum sinuos si este alianta politico-militara cea mai longeviva si cu cel mai mare succes din istorie.
Mediul strategic de securitate a suferit, in ultimii ani, transformari substantiale care implica o continua adaptare si perfectionare, atat a criteriilor clasice de analiza a securitatii internationale, cat si a mecanismelor de gestionare a acesteia.
Noile provocari aparute la adresa securitatii internationale, generate de suprapunerea unor procese, cum sunt globalizarea si fragmentarea, se adauga formelor clasice de riscuri si amenintari. Riscurile de natura terorista si amenintarile asimetrice se diversifica si se amplifica în intensitate si ca arie de manifestare, iar prevenirea si contracararea acestora constituie o responsabilitate comuna a tuturor statelor.
In contextul modificarilor dramatice ale mediului de securitate, a revenit in prim plan discutia in jurul contextului strategic al NATO. Din ce in ce mai multi analisti si oameni politici considera ca actualul concept strategic al Aliantei, adoptat în cadrul summit-ului de la Washington, din aprilie 1999, este unul perimat si ca ar fi nevoie de adoptarea unei noi conceptii strategice.

Release dateJun 12, 2014
Conceptul strategic al NATO (1949-2009)
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