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Spinning Out of Control
Spinning Out of Control
Spinning Out of Control
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Spinning Out of Control

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About this ebook

'Christopher is a sick, sick puppy. I love it.' Yasmin Selena Butt, author of Gunshot Glitter

'A touch of Keith Waterhouse. Spinning Out of Control is a fine comic novel, and a worthy satire of today's media - both local and national... there are even poignant moments of loss.' Jon Bounds, and author of Pier Review

Spinning Out of Control is a satire about the media and what it's done to us.

Tom Wroxham is a hard-nosed, hard-living London PR. This morally bankrupt young publicist has one week to make a nobody from Birmingham famous - and get his old job back. Tom gets intoxicated with a despicable circus of broadsheet journalists, tabloid hacks, bloggers, editors, interns, comedians, models, DJs, showbiz show-offs, artists, TV and radio lever pullers, music industry narcissists, business big shots, eccentric publishers, corrupt politicians, media-manipulating upstarts, and assorted atomised freeloaders. Tom's job is to spin - but he's the one spinning out of control. Can he find redemption in the most unexpected place?

This debut novel by British writer Christopher Beanland is an unsettling comedy of celebrity-obsessed, consumerist times. And it's funnier than that sounds (hopefully). Everyone's selling themselves - even authors, for f***'s sake. Enjoy the book.

Release dateApr 28, 2014
Spinning Out of Control

Christopher Beanland

Christopher writes satirical things about the media and serious things about buildings and places. He lives in London.

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