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Пейзажная лирика
Пейзажная лирика
Пейзажная лирика
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Пейзажная лирика

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В книге использованы рисунки отца Валерия - художника Петра Адамовича Валюса. И фотографии Валерия Валюса.

Release dateFeb 22, 2014
Пейзажная лирика
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Валерий Валюс

Valery Petrovich VALIUS was born in 1939 in Moscow and lived in Moscow until 1977. Up to 1972 he was a geophysicist. From 1972 on he worked at different jobs in different professions.From 1977 up to 1991, he lived in Germany as an emigrant. He returned to Russia in 1991.He has been painting since 1986. He is a member of the Union of Artists of Bavaria, and a member of the International Fund of Artists in Moscow.

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